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CORONA - Hello from the QUARANTINE

Spain under lock down and we are in the middle of it!

It is an extremely unusual and difficult time that we are all in at the moment. We would like to take this opportunity to write about ourselves and our feelings in the current situation. Skulls and Spirits - this is not only our jewellery, this is also us - Marcel and Sanny!

The Corona Virus, also called Covid 19, has spread almost all over the world and has put millions of people in a state of great fear and uncertainty. The media is reporting 24/7 about it, bringing constantly updated figures of infected and dead people. On the net you come across extremely contradictory data, numbers and statistics and it takes almost a miracle and a lot of strength of opinion to keep a clear head with all the digital bombardment. Value concepts and priorities have completely shifted within just a few days.

The world is upside down.

It is day 16 of our lock down here in Spain. Meanwhile we have the feeling to slip from one butt cheek to the other and our own 4 walls seem to get smaller and smaller. Marcel and I spend a lot of time working. On the one hand, now is a good moment to become master of the long to-do list that has crushed us in the last months.

But creativity also has its pitfalls, because it has no on/off switch. When the head is full to bursting and the nerves are bare, the so-called "muse" can't be seen either. To motivate oneself becomes a bigger challenge every day, because you don't know how long this state will last and what is waiting for us afterwards.

What comes next? Like many of you, we too are asking ourselves what will come after the crisis? This is also what the "experts" are arguing about. In principle, such an exceptional situation as the one we are currently experiencing did not exist in our lifetime. So one speculates. One tries to imagine various scenarios, but somehow none of them looks promising. We and many of our friends, who are self-employed or have a small business, fear for their future or slide towards ruin with every additional day of curfew. Many years of work seem to be shattered in just a few days by what we just call "our reality".

As far as the interpersonal aspect is concerned, I see a lot of good things happening at the moment. People are helping each other, getting "closer" together again and giving each other hope. On the opposite side, many minds seem to explode, because tension, uncertainty and fear also need an exit valve.

It is such a bipolar time we are in. Everything we knew is once turned upside down and the cards were being re-shuffled. Just two months ago we all had our plans for this summer, we had goals we were working towards and dreams where we saw ourselves in two years. Now nobody can tell us what tomorrow will be. Every day there are new guidelines and decrees. Even the police and lawyers have difficulties to keep up with the rapidly changing regulations. Nobody knows what is going to happen. And at the same time one should keep a cool head, not be afraid and just wait and see?!

This also affects us and our company, Skulls and Spirits. Our plan for 2020 was, just like last year, to go to motorbike events and festivals with our sales booth. However, these have already been cancelled or postponed until further notice and at the moment and it is completely unclear whether there will be any kind of "normality" this summer season at all? That's why we now hope more and more for our online sales and are working on an implementation for an additional gift voucher sale.

But also good ideas arise in and from this chaos. For example, the German band 'Jimmy Cornett & The Dead Men' from Hamburg had the great idea to organize a festival which could only be attended live over the internet. On March 28 four bands gave their best in the almost deserted club 'Maries Ballroom' in Hamburg. With many thousands of hits and up to 900 viewers, who followed the concerts live from home during the peak times, the festival can be considered a great success.

If you missed it and would like to have a look, please feel free to click HERE.

We, Skulls and Spirits, have sponsored some necklaces, because we think the whole project is just GREAT! According to the motto: "The virus may be able to lock us into our houses, but we will NOT let it take away our cultural life!" we had a blast and hope for a continuation of this memorable evening!

Don't let it take you down! Every one of us has stumbled badly in this pandemic. Take care, help and support each other, laugh as much as you can and try to make the best out of this situation. Because another reality is not available right now.

Stay healthy! Your Marcel and Sanny

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