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The healing world of semi-precious stones - Jasper


Jasper is available cut and polished as a gemstone and for layering. It was very popular in antiquity as a jewellery and healing stone, and in the Middle Ages it was described in detail by Hildegard von Bingen as having great healing powers.


Jasper is predominantly sand-coloured, beige and light brown with spots, flecks and stripes. However, it also exists in green, red, grey and violet varieties.

Healing effect

Red jasper is a powerful stone and belongs to the basic equipment of a stone pharmacy. It can stop bleeding. In case of nosebleeds, it is recommended to place the stone on the forehead. Red jasper stimulates the circulation and the flow of energy. That is why it is often used for problems in the sexual area.

Stones that tend to be brownish in colour are suitable for placing on the digestive organs. They help against bloating, flatulence and even nausea. If you have digestive problems, you should also drink a glass of jasper water after meals.

Yellow jasper is particularly helpful against diseases of the gall bladder, kidneys and liver. It supports the detoxification work of these organs and thus also stabilises the body's own defence system. Jasper is also a stone for women in the menopause, as it acts on the thymus gland.

The stone can only work with direct skin contact.

Jasper strengthens self-confidence and gives the courage to deal with conflicts and not to suppress them. It helps to tackle things that have been put off for a long time.

Especially red jasper strengthens willpower. Yellow jasper, on the other hand, gives perseverance. It has a rather calm effect, while the red variant of the stone stands for vitality and dynamism.


Red jasper is a very good healing stone for protection against negative energy. This grounding stone neutralises radiation and EMFs and cleanses the aura of negativity. It provides a steady, stabilising energy that helps you feel safe. It dispels worry and promotes emotional calming and an overall sense of stability. It offers physical, emotional and spiritual protection.

Stone care

The stone can only work when in direct contact with the skin.

  • Raw stones are suitable for making healing stone water.

  • Jasper should be discharged under warm running water after each use.

  • It cannot be charged in the sun.

  • It is best to place it overnight in a bowl with haematite tumbled stones.


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