This impressive interchangeable necklace with the heavy dragon fang is designed in great detail and tells of power, strength and danger... but also about rough cliffs, endless forests and the eternal roar of the sea.


The dragon, the most famous of all mythological animals, can be found in almost all cultures. It stands for the overcoming of primeval powers, primal fears and dangers. As a lucky charm and demon repellent, it guards temples and treasures. He embodies the energy of the earth and the life force and supports the mental and physical creative power.


Want some variety?

You can order more interchangeable pendants to the Fang necklace, which can then be exchanged as desired. All pendants offered are made of high quality stainless steel. If required, please select another pendant in the menu:


  • Triqueta
  • Skull Rider
  • Trinity


Please note that the offered interchangeable pendants are an addition and if you buy them you will get the necklace shown above (incl. pendant) PLUS the desired interchangeable pendant.


The necklace comes wrapped in silk paper, in a representative gift box.

Fang - dragon fang pearl necklace stainless steel interchangeable chain