Our Red Eye Paracord Collection - not just a trendy one, but also a practical piece of jewelry!

It is not only ideal as a casual individual item, but also in combination with other bracelets. We have this bracelet in 4 different colors to match your look.


When you wear a paracord bracelet, it is not actually just a piece of jewelry. An alternative name for the paracord bracelet is survival bracelet. The material used is a line from parachutes. This is what gave the paracord bracelet its name. In an emergency, the bracelet can be converted into a sturdy and safe leash that you can use in a variety of ways.



Please measure the exact circumference of your wrist with the help of a tape measure. The exact dimensions are special for this type of bracelet crucial for the right wearing comfort! If our size specifications differ significantly from your actual wrist circumference, please contact us or let us know the exact dimensions of your wrist in the comment function during the order process. Thank you very much!


The bracelet comes wrapped in silky paper in a small, representative gift box.

Red eye - Paracord skull bracelet Green

VAT Included
    • Material: polyester paracord cord
    • Center bead: stainless steel skull and crossbones with rhinestones
    • Closure: stainless steel
    • Weight: about 30 g (depending on the size)


    This bracelet is available in different sizes:


    • Small: 16 cm
    • Medium: 17 cm
    • Large: 19 cm
    • XLarge: 21 cm


    Each of our bracelets is carefully handcrafted with selected materials of the highest quality in our manufactory in Spain.


    To preserve the special look of our products in the long term, we recommend that you avoid contact with water, detergents and cream and perfume.


    Note: Please note that color variations due to different monitor color profiles can not be excluded.