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I like to smell you...

Our Scenty earrings are more than meets the eye. In addition to their modern, playful look, these earrings target another of our seven senses.

In fact, the main black bead of the earring is made of lava, a very light and porous stone, of volcanic origin. Because of its sponge-like properties, you can use it as a DISTRIBUTOR for your essential oils.


Drop a little oil on your finger and then rub it on the stone. Let the liquid soak in for a short time. Now you have your favorite scent with you all day.


The earrings come wrapped in silk paper, in a small representative gift box.

Scenty - Black Lava Scenty Earrings with Feathers

SKU: 0181
VAT Included
    • 6 mm + 8 mm lava beads
    • various stainless steel beads, glass beads and silver plated elements
    • feathers
    • 925 sterling silver ear holder
    • Length: +/- 10,5 cm (incl. ear holder)
    • Weight: approx. 6 g (per earring)


    Each of our jewelry pieces is carefully handcrafted with selected semi-precious stones and materials of the highest quality in our manufactory in Spain.


    Note: Please note that color variations cannot be ruled out due to different monitor color profiles. Since these are natural pearls, deviations from the product photo in color, shape and number of pearls may also occur.

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