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This necklace in light tones provides fashionable charm. Simply upgrade a simple everyday outfit or choose it as a suitable accessory for a casual biker jacket or a casual knitted cardigan. It all depends on which signs you want to set. Because you are a master at it. Or you will be.


The necklace comes wrapped in silk paper, in a representative gift box.

Skyler - Dragon Phoenix beaded Necklace

SKU: 0068
VAT Included
    • mounted on wire
    • 8 and 10 mm jasper beads
    • 8 mm agate and magnesite beads
    • 8 mm hematite discs
    • Pendant: 5 cm stainless steel
    • Fastener: Stainless steel carabiner
    • Total length: 52 cm  
    • Weight: 74 g



    Each of our jewelry pieces is carefully handcrafted with selected semi-precious stones and materials of the highest quality in our manufactory in Spain. 



    Note: Please note that colour variations due to different monitor colour profiles cannot be excluded. As these are natural pearls, there may also be deviations from the product photo in color, shape and number of pearls.

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