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About Us

Hi, we're "Skulls and Spirits"! Marcel and Sanny, two creative minds living at the Costa Blanca in Spain. Our recently founded jewelry label "Skulls and Spirits" is a long-awaited idea that we finally want to realize. All our jewellery pieces are specially created and handcrafted in our small manufacture in Spain.

While Marcel's heart beats for skulls, my passion is Boho Style and Indian Spirit. In the meantime, however, the first designs of a mixture of both can be found.

It is and remains exciting!


Our motivation

We love to design and manufacture jewellery. Jewellery can bring a lot of joy into people's lives. For this reason we have decided to market our own designs. We have the desire to offer a high quality, with a balanced price-performance ratio.


Therefore, we prefer durable materials of high quality (e.g. genuine semi-precious stones, stainless steel, etc.) for the production of our jewelry. Stainless steel has the advantage that it retains its shine longer, does not scratch, does not tarnish and also minimizes allergy susceptibility.



Skulls & Spirits

If you take a closer look, you will see that our logo consists of a skull and a Phoenix. The skull is a sign of transience, while the Phoenix is always created anew from its ashes - symbolizing rebirth. Both in combination simply screams for a loud "Carpe Diem!", because life is limited! So we make the best of it!

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