Ahanu is the Indian word for "he smiles" and is a small, limited jewellery series that stands in the context of modernity and tradition.


The lovingly created unisex bracelet made of natural materials captivates with its simple design and asymmetrical shape. The mixture of stone, wood and seed pearls makes it a very special and very individual piece of jewellery for men and women. Whether in combination with other accessories or as an exclusive unique piece, this noble bracelet gives you the final touch for a modern look.


Lava is the flowing energy of fire. It is also called the stone of grounding. Lava has a disinhibiting effect, facilitates the approach to each other and can increase the personal and erotic charisma. It promotes determination and is a great source of energy.


The bracelet is wrapped in tissue paper, in a small representative gift box.

Ahanu Lapis - Tribal Surfer Unisex gemstone Bracelet

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