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The flower of life is a perfect geometric pattern consisting of 19 circles. As one of the oldest symbols of power on our planet, the Flower of Life radiates energy, harmony and protection. It is estimated to be about 5000 - 6000 years old.


Due to its absolute geometry, the Flower of Life is called one of the most important elements in Sacred Geometry, which deals with the subtle basis of creation and the higher order. The geometry of the Flower of Life represents the infinity of being, the cosmic order and the ever-recurring or infinite life.


The flower of life has a great spiritual significance for many people. This is because it is a source of strength and energy from which a positive, harmonious and structure-giving effect is said to emanate.


The necklace comes wrapped in silk paper, in a small representative velvet bag.

Flower of Life - Symbol Necklace, Strength, Power and Protection Symbol

SKU: 0177
VAT Included
  • Pendant: stainless steel


    • Chain: stainless steel
    • Total length chain: approx. 50 cm
    • Closure: lobster clasp with extension chain
    • Weight: (chain and pendant) approx. 7.6 g


    This product is not from Skulls and Spirits, but from a partner production. Skulls and Spirits has tested this product and found it to be of high quality.


    Note: Please note that color variations cannot be excluded due to different monitor color profiles.

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