Luminous / Fluorescent Gemstone Bracelet (Unisex)


Sometimes each of us needs a light in the dark...

"Jaci" means "the moon" and just like the moon lights up the night, the fluorescent center bead of this bracelet glows in a beautiful blue shimmer as soon as it gets dark. For some it may be a cool party accessory, for others it has a deeper meaning. Either way, we hope you enjoy the special jewellery.


The moon is the eye of the night and soul symbol. It stands for closeness to instinct as well as rhythmic change and transformation. In astrology it represents the nature of man and the mirror to the soul.


The Onyx - a modest looking gemstone with great effect, not only on the physical level but also on the soul level. It strengthens self-confidence and gives its wearer more "joie de vivre". In this way the gemstone is also able to help with depression, melancholy or other negative energies.


The bracelet comes wrapped in silk paper, in a small representative gift box.

Jaci - Fluorescent Gemstone Bracelet - Glow in the dark

VAT Included