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A jewelry, with powerful symbolism, that wants to be fun....


The LOTUS FLOWER is one of the oldest symbols and has many meanings. It grows in muddy waters, but its flowers are untouched by impurity. They float on the water surface and captivate with their extraordinary beauty. In Buddhism, the lotus flower symbolizes purity of heart and the power of psychological resistance. The symbol represents rebirth, new beginnings and the path to nirvana.


The meaning of the UNALOME goes back centuries and the symbol is significant in both Buddhist and Hindu beliefs. It is often described as a sign of the path to enlightenment. It begins in the middle of a spiral, the birth, then twists in a few loops until a straight line emerges to represent enlightenment. Life is full of twists and turns, but chaos can become harmony in the end.


The necklace comes wrapped in silk paper, in a small representative velvet pouch

Lotus - Buddhist Boho Symbol Necklace with Lotus

SKU: 0184
VAT Included
    • Pendant: 4.5 cm, stainless steel
    • Chain: stainless steel
    • Total length chain: about 46 cm plus 5 cm extension chain.
    • Weight: (chain and pendant) approx. 4.5 g


    This product is not from Skulls and Spirits, but from a partner production. Skulls and Spirits has tested this product and found it to be of high quality.


    Note: Please note that color variations due to different monitor color profiles can not be excluded.

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