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OM - an exact literal translation for Om does not really exist. Roughly speaking, however, it expresses "all that has been, all that is, and all that is yet to be." So Om stands simultaneously for past, present and future, for peace, tranquility and unity, and reminds people to slow down and breathe. Therefore, the symbol is very popular as a form of jewelry.


The stud earrings come in a small, representative gift box.

OM Studs - Unisex stainless steel stud earrings with Om sign

VAT Included
    • robust ear studs made of high quality stainless steel
    • diameter: 8mm
    • rod length: 6mm
    • Closure: screw thread
    • Weight: approx. 2 g (per ear stud)
    • Scope of delivery: 1 pair (2 pieces)


    Color Variations:

    • Black
    • Silver


    This product was not handmade by Skulls and Spirits, but by a partner production. Nevertheless, we love the design, have tested it and found it to be of high quality.


    Note: Please be aware that color variations are possible due to different monitor color profiles.