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Whether barefoot on the beach or chic in the office - a jewelry that wants to have fun...

It is typical boho to combine different necklaces with each other. This is called the layered look. This necklace aims exactly at this look. 3 different layers and the power of symbols.


The circle is an old, much used symbol and has many meanings: It is a symbol of unity, of the absolute, perfect and therefore divine. Likewise, the circle also stands for heaven and the All-One. The lotus flower - the symbol of purity and rebirth. And the unalome is a symbol of Buddhism and is often described as a sign of the path to enlightenment.


The necklace comes wrapped in silk paper, in a small representative velvet bag.

Satori - Yoga Boho Unalome Circle Symbol Necklace

SKU: 0182
VAT Included
  • Pendant: stainless steel

    • Chain: stainless steel
    • Total length chain: shortest chain ca. 36 cm, longest chain ca. 41 cm, plus 5 cm extension chain
    • Closure: stainless steel lobster clasp
    • Weight: approx. 7 g


    Notice: These 3 chains are ONE necklace, not 3 individual necklaces!

    Each of our jewelry is carefully handcrafted with selected semi-precious stones and materials of the highest quality in our manufactory in Spain.


    Note: Please note that color variations due to different monitor color profiles can not be excluded.

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