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Viking jewellery has been absolutely trendy again for several years and is currently experiencing a real hype. But - jewellery for men is nothing new, but was already hundreds of years ago a symbol for style. Thor's Hammer is considered a powerful Viking symbol of the god Thor, the god of thunder. Thor's symbol stands for protection and power.


The Celts and Teutons already created jewellery of outstanding beauty in remarkable craftsmanship, which are still unequalled today in their craftsmanship - at the end of this development the jewellery of the Vikings stands as a last requiem of great artistic creation of prehistoric times.


The noble necklace comes wrapped in tissue paper, in a representative gift box.

Thor - Viking Thor Hammer Skull beaded Necklace

SKU: 0067/o
VAT Included
    • wire-mounted
    • 8 and 10 mm onyx and tiger eye beads respectively
    • 6 and 8 mm hematite discs
    • Stainless steel beads
    • Pendant: stainless steel
    • Stainless steel logo bead
    • Fastener: Carabiner (stainless steel)
    • Total length: 62 cm
    • Weight: approx. 91 g


    Each of our jewelry pieces is carefully handcrafted with selected semi-precious stones and materials of the highest quality in our manufactory in Spain.


    Note: Please note that color variations due to different monitor color profiles cannot be excluded. As these are natural pearls, there may also be deviations from the product photo in color, shape and number of pearls.

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