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Hardly any other jewelry trend celebrates a new revival every year like Boho jewelry. It is typical for the Boho style to combine several different necklaces with each other. This is the so-called layer look. This dainty necklace just wants to set an accent and aims exactly at this look. So you can combine many chains wonderfully with each other and live out your creativity.


The necklace comes wrapped in silk paper, in a small representative velvet bag

Triskele - Celtic symbol Stainless steel necklace

SKU: 0152
VAT Included
    • Stainless steel
    • Total length: 60 cm
    • Fastener: Carabiner
    • Weight: (chain and pendant) approx. 12g


    This product is not from Skulls and Spirits, but from a partner production. Skulls and Spirits has tested this product and found it to be of high quality.


    Note: Please note that color deviations due to different monitor color profiles cannot be excluded.

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