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This trendy bracelet with the Wotan's Knot - one of the most mysterious Germanic symbols related to the Norse culture and mythology of the Vikings - is a stylish arm jewelry for men and women.


The Wotans knot is considered a symbol of the three triads.

One triad represents the triad of creation. Another represents "being" or "is", and refers to the three fated women who personify the past, present and future. The third and final triad stands for destruction but also for new beginnings.


Combine the bracelet as an eye-catcher to another bracelet, your wristwatch or enhance a rather plain outfit. An absolute trend accessory on the wrist of style-conscious men and women with which you emphasize your uniqueness and give your outfit that certain something.


This bracelet comes wrapped in tissue paper, in a small representative gift box

Valknut - Celtic Unisex Bracelet with Wotan's Knot

SKU: 0179
VAT Included
    • Robust bracelet made of stainless steel
    • Size: One size, flexible & adjustable
    • Weight: approx. 22g


    This product is not handmade by Skulls and Spirits but by a partner production. Skulls and Spirits has tested this product and found it to be of high quality.


    Note: Please note that color variations cannot be ruled out due to different monitor color profiles.

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