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Jewelry is not just for women!

Men's jewelry becomes socially acceptable!

By now it should have reached even the most stubborn fashion muffs:

An outfit is only perfect with the right jewelry, and that applies to men too!

The selection of beautiful men's jewelry has never been as large as it is today - the range of great pieces is almost endless.

Men's jewelry has been absolutely trendy again for several years and is currently experiencing a real hype. But - jewelry for men is nothing new, but was already thousands of years ago a symbol of style, status, status or affiliation.

The first finds indicate that as early as 75,000 years ago snail shells were pierced and tied together on a string to form a necklace. Color pigments even show that the snail shells were painted. Archaeologists assume that people wore jewelry at that time to show their status to strangers. 

Men's jewelry always had to have a function!

Later, jewelry developed into an expression of high status. Men did not simply adorn themselves for no reason. Jewelry has always been associated with a wide variety of meanings - such as belonging to a certain group or social status.

But not only that. Men's jewelry always had to have a function. A watch on which you can read the time. Cufflinks that hold the sleeve together. A wedding ring that indicates you're married.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend?

Not only, because meanwhile also the gentlemen find more

and more often a taste for jewelry.

Bracelets, necklaces and rings adorn men's models on the catwalks, celebrities and fashion gurus show that even the stronger sex can go for bling-bling from time to time and disprove an old (and dusty) etiquette rule that a man's only adornment should be a wedding ring and watch at most. 

Even today, men still sometimes use jewelry to symbolize status or belonging. Mostly you can assign a person's profession and social status or hobby just by the choice of jewelry: the biker with the skull chain, the businessman with a Rolex or the graphic designer from Berlin's hipster scene with the bracelet made from an old bicycle tire. But nonetheless, without all the hoopla, men's jewelry is also a great way to simply spice up an outfit with little effort and set stylish accents.

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