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Today is not a good day to give up

About set backs, challenges and a TV film team visiting us

Maybe you have wondered why it has become so quiet on our site.

We unexpectedly went on a 6-month break. For this we would like to apologize to you from the bottom of our hearts.

We have had some major struggles to overcome since the beginning of this year.

The effects of the pandemic, as you all know, have hit many small businesses hard. So did we. But unfortunately, to make matters worse, we also had a health issue that threw us very off course. Anyone who has ever received a serious diagnosis knows what we are talking about. Suddenly everything is upside down, you end up in a chaotic roller coaster of emotions and priorities shift completely from one day to the next.

But we live!

The earth keeps turning... not only for you but also for us.

Long story short...

it just took us a while to realize that even the struggles in life have their meaning. In the end, in a strange way, it was the symbolism of our own jewelry as well as our logo that led us back on the right path:

The skull represents transience and reminded us that everything in life, like life itself, is limited.

And also our beautiful firebird, the phoenix, is reborn from its ashes, spreads its wings and rises.

By implication, it also means that every moment counts and that life should be used and enjoyed to the fullest. Symbolically, this was the wake-up call that led us right here, back to this point.

Because today is not a good day to give up!

What comes next? We are therefore happy to inform you that we are now on the move again (as good as it can be). The head is a bit clearer, we have one or the other new idea and continue to work on our new collections, which were still on hold.

Goodbye Germany

Well... if you are interested in finding out more about us and our life here in Spain - in the pandemic - you should definitely not miss "Goodbye Germany" at the german TV channel Vox!

Since their first visit, in May 2020, the film team has now visited us here 3 times and has captured some of our ups and downs, our sometimes crazy plans as well as our stumbling in the pandemic.

The exact time of the broadcast is not 100% fixed yet. However, it is highly likely that our show will air in July.

We will keep you updated on our Facebook page in any case!

Stay strong, friends!



Every moment counts.

Yours Marcel and Sanny



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