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Skulls and Spirits on german TV

A few insights, a big THANK YOU and some more updates

The last days were totally exciting for us. We had so many orders and dear letters that we hardly could keep up with the packing and answering.

As many of you know, we were on the 2nd of August in 2021 at "Goodbye Germany" on the german TV channel Vox to see. And since we have received so countless, great feedback from you, we thought that we can report back to you with this blog.

The film crew of "Goodbye Germany" visited us here in Spain 3 times between May 2020 and February 2021. The producer as well as we have made a lot of effort to give YOU an authentic picture of us, our work and the current situation. Even if one or the other activity was of course coordinated with the period of the filming, nothing was extra staged. What was shown in the broadcast of us, that were WE, were our current thoughts, goals, wishes and also our problems.

And so much more...

unfortunately, only a fraction of what was actually filmed with us was finally shown in the broadcast.

What can we say?

The filming was exciting. If you are not used to being in front of the camera, then this fact can tie your brain in knots. Your pulse is at 180 and while you try to express yourself in a chosen and thoughtful way, exactly the opposite happens.

Especially Sanny, who is actually always behind the camera, had her problems to keep a clear head. At this point, a big THANK YOU to the editing team for not including the 100 slip-ups and other little mishaps in the show. Hahaha

Marcel, on the other hand, who is usually rather quiet, found the filming pleasant and makes a very calm and self-confident impression on the screen.

We hope for a follow-up in which more sequences from our last shoots will be included, such as contract talks with our partner band "Jimmy Cornett and the Deadmen", our photo shooting, insights into our workshop area, etc.

But the reason for this blog is actually that we want to express a huge THANK YOU again. A THANK YOU for your sympathy and the kind words you sent us and a THANK YOU for the numerous orders. These help us not only financially... at least as important is that they have shown us how it can work and how it feels. A wonderful goal to continue working towards now.

Every beginning is difficult... especially when a global pandemic is added to the mix. And not only once in the past 18 months we have asked ourselves if we will be able to make it. Thanks to you, we are now highly motivated again to continue, to stay true to our course and to live our dreams. What a luxury! A huge THANK YOU for that as well!

Update Marcel

Marcel has now had his surgeries with the radioactive disc. These went well. Whether the treatment was/is successful can only be determined by further tests in a few months. We are in good spirits and even if it was not the therapy of our choice, life just feels a little easier again.

After the eye healed, we even disappeared for 10 days on the Camino Francés and walked 230 km. Not to get our sins forgiven but to walk, simply to walk. After cancer had been our constant companion for so many months, hanging over our heads like a sword of Damocles, the change of scenery was just the right thing for us to recharge our batteries, come down and get our thoughts back on track.

So, everyone, that's it for now from our side. We have thanked you several times now and we always like to do it again. You have given us so much and this whole experience is new and overwhelming for us.

Your Marcel and your Sanny

P.S. The current situation poses special challenges to many of us and exactly for this reason it is important that we help, support and hold each other up. Here you can find some more links to all the people you could see in our broadcast. Maybe there is something interesting for some of you.

Jimmy Cornett - Many of you have contacted us specifically to find out what the band's name is. Absolutely cool music with lyrics that are both from life and from the heart. Facebook:

Michael offers mountain bike tours here on the Costa Blanca, also with e-bikes. Only to recommend. (Michael and Heidi - the nice german couple where we painted the wall).

Ecotopia - Justine our nice real estate agent. She has a wide repertoire of properties as well as other objects for sale (English or Spanish).


Paco from the Rancho pura Vida - has made his horses and land available to us for a photo shoot. He as well as his partner have been models for our jewelry. Absolutely interesting project and grace yard... which lives from donations.

Sabine Kruse - the "pink quiff" is well known. Hehe Since a few months she is now back in Germany, in Salmtal. Who lives in the neighborhood, should definitely visit her at her nail studio.




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