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Skulls and Spirits - that's us, Marcel & Sanny!

Each of us has a story to tell...

One year of Skulls and Spirits! We would like to take this as an opportunity to tell you a little bit about us. Skulls and Spirits - that's us, Marcel and Sanny!

We are not a big company. We are 2 artists with passion!

Marcel, who never wanted to leave his village, has now been in Spain for over 16 years and has already gone through several fields of work here. Through an employment as a production manager in a jewellery manufacture he has gained profound insights into the jewellery business. Here he developed his passion for the production and design of jewellery. It was clear to him that he definitely wanted to design and produce men's jewellery.

He worked on a fundraising project before and during his employment at the jewelry manufactory by making bracelets and necklaces from recycled jewellery, mainly with skulls.

He wanted to stick to this style in any case, only he wanted to improve the quality and collection goods to be able to build up a distribution.

After he visited some motorcycle meetings and felt like a fish in water, it was clear that we also planned to sell at corresponding events. It' s very helpful to see and feel the resonance on your own creations.

His area of responsibility, apart from designing and producing jewellery, includes the Organisation of the stands at various events, purchasing of materials, accounting and the operation of the online trade on Amazon.

Sanny, the globetrotter has experimented with jewellery making before. She is a photographer and graphic designer and has travelled a lot in the world through her jobs. She has been living here on the Costa Blanca for 6 years and has also worked in the above mentioned jewellery manufactory where we met.

For Sanny it was clear that she does not really want to make skull jewellery, but rather sees herself in the colorful and feminine Boho and Indian Spirit styles. Here she rages out and has still many ideas in her head.

Unfortunately, she hasn't got enough time for designing so far, as she is responsible for the complete marketing of Skulls and Spirits.

Furthermore she is responsible for the building and maintenance of the website, the entire advertising appearance, the product photos, photo shootings and the marketing on all social media platforms. She is probably the more structured of the two of us.

In the meantime we have been working on our label for over a year. Believe us, it is not easy!

Especially if you start without large financial resources. But our idea drives us forward. In the beginning we did not think about what it really means to build up a jewellery label. That's not how it was basically planned. We both had a good job in the jewelry company, felt comfortable and thought about generating a little extra income, to start an experiment to try out our own design ideas. After we both surprisingly lost our jobs, it got serious. The experiment should now become the main income.

Since we take care of everything ourselves, it is often a great challenge and an almost never-ending list of tasks.

In order to successfully implement a business idea, it seems that nowadays one must not only shine in one's core competence, but also have a master's degree in business administration, marketing and design.

All this goes beyond the actual design and production of the jewellery and has sometimes cost us a lot of time, money and patience. How often did we literally want to bite the edge of the table?! But it also made us grow. You learn something new every day and no matter how tiring the miles long "to-do-list" is sometimes, the love and passion for what we do always drives us forward.

By selling at various events, such as motorcycle meetings, tattoo conventions and fairs, we have met many new, interesting and likeable people. In case you feel addressed. Yes exactly, YOU are one of them. THANK YOU!

A big THANK YOU also to Laurence Archer and the rock group Grandslam, who make us very proud, simply by wearing our jewellery and to get the word out.

We still hope for further positive symbioses. Guys, you don't know how important this is for a young label!!!

So, what's next? We don't know what tomorrow holds for us but we are constantly working on improvements, new designs and ideas. We can't reveal much yet, but all music lovers among you will be thrilled!

Marcel and Sanny

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